Doctors that accept MedPay in Tennessee

What is Medpay?

Medical payments coverage, often called “MedPay” or “personal insurance protection,” will pay for health services required as a result of an accident without regard to fault. The coverage “follows the vehicle,” meaning anyone in the insured vehicle is covered under the insured vehicle’s policy. Coverage usually extends to:

  • Policyholder
  • Policyholder’s relatives in the same household
  • Passengers
  • Other authorized drivers
  • Policyholder and family members if they are injured while riding in someone else’s car or as a pedestrian when struck by another vehicle. (in some states)

There are limits, though. MedPay will only cover what is deemed “reasonable” for the situation, and coverage is limited to things directly resulting from an accident. Additionally, something many people don’t know (because insurance companies don’t make this clear to them) is that if you are injured in another person’s vehicle that also has MedPay coverage, any amount you receive from their MedPay coverage limits your ability to recover from your own MedPay coverage. In other words, if you are injured in someone else’s vehicle, any money your own MedPay coverage pays you will have to be paid back if you are fully compensated under the vehicle owner’s coverage.

There is no legal requirement in Tennessee to have MedPay coverage, but is a worthwhile investment. The premiums are extremely low in relation to the coverage. Thousands of dollars of coverage can be had for only a few dollars a month.

Even for those with health insurance, MedPay coverage covers injuries not covered under most health insurance plans. For example, many health insurance policies don’t cover a visit to a chiropractor, and are in the least reluctant to cover soft tissue issues, whereas MedPay covers these types of health care. 

Dr. Michael Buczynski at Art of Health in Nashville, TN has treated over 1100 auto accident patients over the years.  He has worked with patients exhibiting symptoms such as whiplash, headaches, wrist and shoulder sprains, disk bulges, hip and knee pain, numbness, tingling, back pain, and more.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident in Nashville, schedule a consultation with Dr. Buczynski and rest assured that you are in good hands.  

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