Car Accident Insurance

Instead of paying with your health insurance or cash - our office accepts Medpay, PIP, 3rd Party or At-Fault Insurance, and attorney liens for the treatment of auto injuries.


The rules of auto accident insurance in Nashville, TN are simple. We are an at-fault state.

  1. If you are injured in an accident and are found to be at fault, your treatments will be covered IF you have full coverage insurance. This comes from your medical payments policy, also known as "medpay". *It is ILLEGAL for insurance companies to raise your premium when using your medpay.*
  2. If you were hit by someone without insurance, then your Uninsured Motorist payment will cover treatment. 
  3. If you were hit by someone with insurance, also known as the "3rd Party", then their insurance will cover your treatment.

We will also work on a lien with an attorney of your choice. If you need suggestions for an attorney, we are happy to offer you the names of attorneys we have worked with in the past.